It’s RAINing in Jakarta

3rd December , 2009, will be the unforgettable moment for K-Pop fans, especially Bi Rain fans in Indonesia… Coz Bi Rain himself, is gonna perform live in JITEC Mangga Dua, Jakarta, Indonesia. Yes!!! It’s gonna RAIN in Jakarta on that night 😀 Rain will visit Indonesia, as part of his Asian Tour Concert 2009. It’s 100% confirmed!!! 😀 Before visiting Jakarta, he will perform on Seoul, Japan, and Hongkong.


Rain’s Concert in Jakarta is promoted by W Productions. They are maybe new player in music promotion business, but they are managed to hold the concert of S.H.E, and David Tao. How bout the ticket price? The rumour says that the cheapest price is about Rp. 750.000, equals to US $ 75. Hahaha… Save your money form now if u wanna see this “Full House” star. This singer who recently release his first ever hollywood, “Ninja Assassin” is planned to perform for 2.5 hours.

Ninja Assassin Poster

Source says also, that there will be phenomenal dancer, lighting, and sound effect for this concert in Jakarta. The stage size is about 50 metres. It will be enough for Rain to perform his dance, to his best level 😛 I hope it will be as phenomenal as the Rain’s performance 😛 And I hope, this time, there will be no those “chicken” and “pitiful” terrorist who will screw this event.

This news is definitely overjoyed by “Rainism” holic here, in Indonesia. It’s been a long time, since K-Pop fans wait for live performance from a Korean Star… I’m indeed one of them, but unfortenately, I can’t afford to attend there coz of economic problem 😛 But it’s okay, I can still feel the euforia for this moment 😀 And I hope this event will be succeded, so another Korean singer will come to Indonesia such as DBSK, SNSD, f(X), and of course, BoA 😛

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